The GI pipes, also called pre galvanized steel pipes, are cold rolled round pipes made by galvanized steel strips. The GI pipes are widely used in scaffolding construction, greenhouse pipes, fence pipes, agricultural pipes and other areas.
There are two kinds of galvanization: hot dipped galvanization and pre galvanization. Pre galvanization is also declined to hot dipped galvanization, which the zinc coating formed by immersing steel pipes into the melting zinc. The difference between hot dipped galvanization and pre galvanization pipes is that pre galvanized pipes are made by galvanized steel coils directly. While hot dipped galvanized pipes are made by black steel coils into black pipes at first, then immerse the black pipes into zinc pond.
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1. Product Information

1.5 inch STK400 STK500 GI Pipes

Product: 1.5 inch GI Pipes

Material: ERW carbon steel pipes

Standard: JIS3444 

Size: 48.6*2.5mm*6000mm

Surface: Hot dipped Galvanized

Grade: STK400, STK500

Delivery time: 30 days

Package: by bundle

C  SiMnPSTensile strengthYield StregnthElongation
<= (%)<= (%)
<= (%)<= (%)MPAMPA%
0.240.350.3- 50035515
C  SiMnPSTensile strengthYield StregnthElongation
<= (%)<= (%)
<= (%)<= (%)MPAMPA>%
0.25//0.040.04 40023521

STK400 pipes

2. Production Process

STK500 Pipes

3. Packing and Loading

1.5 inch pipes

4. Quality Control

Hydrostatic test > Tafoni deoiling > Pickling & removing rust > Washing > Solvent > Inside & outside blasting > Hot dipped galvanizing > Drying > Linning > Water cooling > Proceed inspection > Passivation > Proceed cleaning > Drying > Sprinkling passivation > Print color belt > Packing > Final examination 

STK400 pipes

STK500 Pipes

1.5 inch pipes

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